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Tells us the service you need

Top 3 Reason to Use Our Tradies

1. We restrict our membership to have only the best tradies who offer quality, turn up, are polite, respect your home, offer advise and do all the things you don't expect tradies to do. Why, because we train them to do it. If they don't, we kick them out. Simple.

2. Our tradies will quote on quality and offer great service and advise. If you want cheap and nasty, there are other places you can go. Remember, there is a reason why Porsches are Porsches and Daewoos' are Daewoos'. We only have Porsches.

3. You won't get hundreds of tradies calling and quoting you all sorts of prices. You will only get a few - and they will be great. We have some of Sydney's favourite tradies as nominated by you. Quality Tradespeople, Qualty Service.Thats it. 

Tradies - Top 5 reasons NOT to join TradieClassifieds

1. You don't need customers who are willing to  pay for quality and great service, not just looking for cheap & nasty

2. You don't want to be part of a select group of qualties tradies whose serviced is valued

3. You don't want to grow your business

4. You don't need to look after your loved ones!!!!

5. You don't need Sydneys best accountants, lawyers, & business professionals who specialise in trades ready to help you

If you have the above sorted, we can't help you. But if you think just one of those apply, click here to read a bit more. 

BTW, we are expensive. Thats because we restrict our membership to only the limited number of quality trademan.

We DON'T have 000's, In fact we dont want '000. We only want the best.

If you think you've got what it takes to be a TradieClassifieds tradie, click here to read on. We might be able to sneak you on the waiting list. 

The Tradies from TradieClassifieds are professional, turn up on time and provide great value. One of the better sites out there.

Chris. Castle Hill

3 Things to look at when hiring a tradie

It seems simple and it is, but you will not believe the number of people who get unstuck as a result of not doing 3 simple things


Sydney's Favourite Trade 2013